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Wireless Load Cell / Scale Interface Model: WSG

The Load Cell Central WSG series wireless load cell system enables convenient conversion of millivolt output signals from standard cabled sensors such as load cells, pressure, and torque transducers as well as from the 0-10 V and 0-20 mA (4-20 mA)outputs from sensors with these control signals.

The WSGx-1, supplied in a small enclosure (75.6 X 59 X 29 mm), uses two "AA" batteries, and is suitable for mounting directly on a sensor or in an application with little space available. The slightly larger (160 X 80 X 55 mm) WSGx-2, housed in an industrial enclosure, uses two "D" cell batteries, providing a longer battery life. Transmission distance is the same for either the WSGx-1 or WSGx-2: Up to 200 meters (656 feet, line of sight).

Setup and calibration is done wirelessly via a base station (T24-BSu or T24-BSi, below) connected to a PC or laptop running the provided software (included at no additional cost) for viewing and logging the data from the WSG units.

To complete the system, a variety of interfaces are available, from handheld displays to analog output devices. The compatible devices are listed below. One or more of the interfaces can be used simultaneously to receive data from a single WSG transmitter. For example, for a crane application: Display data remotely with the T24-HS and provide a relay output module with the T24-RMI, which in the event of an overload can sound an alarm and / or stop the lifting operation.



Base Stations


  • USB connection
  • Desktop enclosure


  • USB and RS232 / RS485 connection
  • Industrial Enclosure



  • Single-channel display


  • Up to 12 inputs and summing


  • Selectable and scan / roam among an unlimited number of inputs


  • Single channel display (requires T24-SO)

Additional WSG Interfaces


  • Analog output 0-10 V, 4-20 mA, ± 10 V
  • Desktop enclosure


  • Analog output
  • Industrial enclosure


  • Wireless serial printer


  • Relay output


  • Repeater for extended range or transmission around obstacles


  • RS232 / RS485 output



  • Setup and calibration software


  • Display and log up to 24 modules
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