Load Cell Systems — Special Applications

For many applications, a single load cell with an indicator is not sufficient. Additional components can be added which enable you to obtain and interpret the data required for your application. Multiple load cells are often used to create systems that integrate data from multiple objects being weighed simultaneously. Signal conditioners can amplify, convert, or otherwise "condition" the signal from the load cell into one that is compatible with the device receiving and interpreting the signal. In multiple load cell systems, junction boxes are necessary to combine and trim the load cell signals into one signal usable by the indicator or PC. Wireless electronics are available to make any system infinitely more versatile and portable. These are but a few examples of the many options available for system customization. 

Special Load Cell Applications

The load cell systems shown below are built for specific force measurement applications but can be utilized as is or customized to your specific needs. Load Cell Central customers appreciate our turnkey load cell systems that are easy to use and in most cases ready to use right out of the box.

For more information on the purpose and function of load cell systems, read our System Basics white paper. 

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Center of Gravity System

Center of Gravity Measurement Load Cell System

This unit pinpoints and displays the center of gravity.



Easy to use, low cost electronic digital force readout system

Other Unique Systems

Other Unique Systems and Scales

A collection of our other specialized systems


Wireless load cell transmitter. 3 Vdc (2xAA) power supply.


Wireless load cell transmitter for use in Zones 1 & 2 hazardous areas,


Wireless handheld load cell display for use in Zone 1 & 2 hazardous areas.


Wireless load cell base station.


Wireless Load Cell Receiver


Wireless telemetry active repeater for load cells.


Wireless, handheld, load cell indicator with roaming capability.


Long range wireless load cell base station with serial output.


Wireless, handheld load cell indicator for up to 12 load cells.


Serial output wireless load cell receiver.

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