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Load Cell Systems - Special Applications

The load cell systems shown below are built for specific force measurement applications but can be utilized as is or customized to your specific needs. Load Cell Central customers appreciate our turnkey load cell systems that are easy to use and in most cases ready to use right out of the box.

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Center of Gravity System

This unit pinpoints and displays the center of gravity.


Easy to use, low cost electronic digital force readout system

Other Unique Systems

A collection of our other specialized systems

Miniature S-Type Load Cell Tension & Compression - JRS1

Miniature S-Type Load Cell Tension & Compression - JRS1

The JRS1 miniature S-Type load cell has female threaded holes for easy in-line mounting in ranges from 2.5 through 500 newtons (0.5 to 112 pounds)

T24-ACMi Wireless Sensor Transmitter

T24-ACMi Wireless Sensor Transmitter

The T24-ACMi is a wireless transmitter designed for inputs from load cells, pressure sensors, torque transducers, strain inputs, temperature sensors, pulse inputs, potentiometers, and 4-20 mA / 0-10 VDC. Wireless transmission distance up to 800m (line of sight)

Vessel, Hopper, Silo Scale Load Cell - SPWE

Vessel, Hopper, Silo Scale Load Cell - SPWE

The SPWE is an integrated load cell and mount designed for vessel weighing applications. It can accept a 3 degree off axis angle and remain accurate. Low profile design makes it ideal for existing applications where headroom is limited.

Load Cell Simulator

Load Cell Simulator "Top of the Line" PVS-11

The PVS-11 load cell simulator from Load Cell Central is ideal for calibrating scale indicators, troubleshooting, and verifying proper indicator setup. It can also be used for simulating pressure and torque strain gauge based transducers.

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