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Learn how to test your own load cell. 

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Is batching accuracy your elephant in the room?

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Load Cell Central

Supporting the oil industry since 1985.

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Load Cell Central Submersibles

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Load Cell Central is the Source for Industrial  Weighing Systems and Load Cells 


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Load Cells

At Load Cell Central, we offer a large selection of load cell models, types and capacities of both custom-built and off-the-shelf solutions.

Wireless telemtry load cell analog output module photo


Having a wireless system can be highly advantageous, greatly increasing versatility and efficiency.

Programmable weight controller digital load cell display photo


No matter how simple or complex your application is, Load Cell Central can help you choose the right indicator.

TLM8 load cell transmitter photo

Signal Conditioners

When a digital display is not required, a Load Cell Central signal conditioner is just the thing for your system.

Load cell mounting assembly photo

Mounting Assemblies

Load Cell Central offers standard and custom load cell mounts and hardware for a broad range of applications.

Industrial load cell scale photo


Load Cell Central’s industrial scales are precision-engineered and built to last.


Wireless load cell transmitter. 3 Vdc (2xAA) power supply.


Wireless load cell transmitter for use in Zones 1 & 2 hazardous areas,


Wireless handheld load cell display for use in Zone 1 & 2 hazardous areas.


Wireless load cell base station.


Wireless Load Cell Receiver


Wireless telemetry active repeater for load cells.


Wireless, handheld, load cell indicator with roaming capability.


Long range wireless load cell base station with serial output.


Wireless, handheld load cell indicator for up to 12 load cells.


Serial output wireless load cell receiver.

Who We Are

Load Cell Central is an industry leader in designing, building, and supporting custom and off-the-shelf equipment for electronic industrial weighing systems (load cell systems) and force measurement applications. We offer load cells , electronics, scales, mounting assemblies, hardware, and all the accessories you need. We also provide expert guidance, and creative, quality solutions before, during and after the sale.

What We Do

Process control by weight, setpoint-mediated batching systems, ingredient cost control, subsea load cells, and center of gravity measurement are just a few of the challenges met daily by our seasoned, supportive sales technicians. Our load cell production team, engineers and weighing system technicians serve the industrial, medical and aerospace communities, and many other industries. We offer solid, carefully thought-out solutions that will streamline your operation, increase production, and strengthen your bottom line.

Specializing for thirty years in custom load cells, force measurement, and industrial weighing systems and components, Load Cell Central will build virtually any custom application you require to keep you on the cutting edge of technology and profitability.

Customize Your Load Cell System

Technician building load cell mounting assemblies for a systemBased on requirements you describe via telephone, along with emailed drawings and specifications as needed, your application can quickly be turned into a weighing or force measurement system from components and subsystems directly from our inventory, or custom-built to order. Our staff is continually mindful of the number one priority: Your convenience and satisfaction. We strive for the kind of precision, quality, and durability that spells long-term, worry-free operation — all with prompt delivery and meticulous attention to detail.

Whether you require 2-kilogram moment-compensated load cells, industrial drum scales, crane scales, platform scales, million-pound pancake-style load cells, or electronics and software for custom force or weight-driven feedback control or data collection--- we’ve got you covered.

For your convenience, 24/7 technical support and emergency parts are available.

Stock and Custom Load Cells

We offer a wide range of stock and custom load cells, platform scales, and floor scales for your weighing and force measurement requirements. We also provide bolt-in-place weighing assemblies for tank weighing, batch weighing, and bulk weighing applications. We also offer drum scales, crane scales, barrel scales, load pins, submersible and underwater load cells, and hermetically sealed applications for hostile and corrosive environments. Our inventory of specialty load cells, including RS232, S-Type, and USB adaptability is unmatched by our competitors.

Electronics for Load Cells

Testing load cell electronics and programmingAre you looking for digital indicators, amplifiers, and the associated electronics and programming? We invite you to browse our web site, and give us a call, use our convenient chat facility (displays during business hours) or the inquiry form to learn more about our wide variety of display options, printers, junction boxes, mounting assemblies, conditioners, simulators, and hardware.

Relax — Look no further — Load Cell Central is ready to assist you. We continually strive to be the ideal vendor for your electronic scale and weighing system applications, purchases, and after-sale support.

Manufacture, Source, and Repair Load Cells

We manufacture, source, and repair load cells and components for a wide variety of existing industrial weighing equipment. Custom machining is available to eliminate any difficulties interfacing with existing equipment. Plus, we stock a large selection of wireless systems, including wireless load cells and wireless scales.Load cell being repaired

In addition to engineering assistance and custom load cell design, including software, we provide center of gravity / center of balance systems and structural truss load testing modules (Trusstest).

We offer complete weighing systems, calibration services, replacement load cells and scale parts for all brands. We have a large inventory and cross-reference database not only for all of our products, but also for your many spare parts requirements, including electronic scales and for a wide variety of industrial weighing systems. For hard-to-find or discontinued parts, we will search our wide network of affiliate inventories, check our special reserve stock of remanufactured parts or build you completely new and custom load cells.

Contact us today for a free quote on new ready-to-ship options or custom designed solutions.

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