Model T24-HS Wireless Load Cell Single Channel Display

Wireless Load Cell Single Channel Display

The T24-HS Handheld Display provides one-to-one data display from any of Load Cell Central's acquisition modules (strain, current, voltage).  Input values are transmitted to the handheld via 2.4 GHz radio allowing users to view a digital reading at distances of up to 2,600 feet.  

The handheld display can "power off" acquisition modules by a push of a button thereby extending battery life and reducing maintenance costs.  If no buttons are pressed on the T24-HS, it too will turn off after 5 minutes.

A wide temperature operating range and robust technology ensure that the module is not susceptible to harsh physical or electrical environments. 


  • Portable handheld indicator for displaying data from one sensor
  • Ability to wirelessly power off the acquisition module 
  • Two-button tactile keypad
  • Worldwide license-exempt 2.4 GHz radio
  • Up to 800 meters (2,600 feet) range line of sight
  • Environmentally sealed to IP65


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Specification sheet for the Model T24-HS wireless load cell display

T24-HS dimension diagram

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