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Strain Gauge diagram

Load Cell and Strain Gauge Basics

A load cell is a type of transducer, which is a device that converts energy from one form to another. Load cells are a type of force transducer. They convert the kinetic energy of a force such as tension, compression, pressure, or torque into electrical energy; more specifically as a measurable electrical signal...

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System Basics

The output of a Wheatstone bridge is an analog signal, usually expressed in millivolts per volt of excitation. The signal from a strain gage has to be “conditioned” before it can be digitized by an ADC (analog to digital converter). A signal conditioner can be a separate device or, in the case of a digital display, an internal component. A signal conditioner is a device that converts an electrical signal into another form of signal that is more useful to the user...

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Crane scale graphic

Load Cells in Crane & Hoist Weighing Systems

Tension load cells are categorized by the way the strain gauge sensor deflects when experiencing strain. A tension load cell is pulled and stretched, rather than compressed. They are used to measure tensile or “pulling” loads, making them ideal in crane and hoist weight monitoring...

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Understanding Load Cell Specifications

The specifications section of a load cell datasheet contains physical, electrical, and environmental information for your load cell.  The information listed will help you determine if the load cell in question is acceptable for your application.  Below is a sample specification list as would be seen on a data sheet followed by explanations of each term used.

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Function of a Signal Conditioner

The function of a signal conditioner is to pick up the signal from the load cell and convert it into a higher level of electrical signal. Signal conversion is often used by industrial applications, especially those that use a wide range of sensors to perform measurements.

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Load Cell Applications by Capacity

A load cell converts force or weight into an electrical signal, which can then be sent to a remote computer or recorder to monitor load, pressure, strain and more. Load cells are used in diverse industries where precise measurements of weight are crucial, such as the pharmaceutical industry, manufacturing...

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A Load Cell Manufacturer for All Weighing Applications

As one of the industry’s leading load cell manufacturers, Load Cell Central provides stock and custom-designed load cells, monitoring equipment and accessories for use in industrial weighing applications. Manufacturing load cells offers the flexibility to meet our customers’ specifications for all industrial situations requiring...

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Taking Accurate Measurements with Strain Gauge Load Cells

Strain gauge load cells are the predominant device used in industrial weighing and force measurement that will consistently and economically deliver a high degree of accuracy. Strain gauge load cells continue to improve in terms of sensitivity and responsiveness, making these products the preferred option for a variety...

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Precise Industrial Weighing with Load Cells

Load cells from Load Cell Central are the most adaptive and economical devices available for industrial weighing applications. Using strain gauge technology, load cells are the most accurate, most reliable and fastest method for industrial weighing and for monitoring strain placed on structural supports. In addition to high capacity...

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