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Other Unique Systems

Load Cell Central specializes in complete turn-key weighing, force measurement, and 'process control by weight' systems. This sets us apart from the run-of-the-mill "load cell suppliers" that just ask for a part number. Our technical sales team takes the time to discuss and understand your application to be sure the system supplied is the best choice.

6 Load Cell Hoist Overload Prevention System

Specialized Systems by Load Cell Central

Load Cell Central's unique 6 load cell crane/hoist overload prevention system is designed to prevent overload on heavy lifitng applications. When overload occurs, the system is equipped to sound an alarm, trigger a warning light, and/or immediately stop the lifting process. This system consists of 6 WL-CTL2 wireless tension-link load cells, six T24-RM1 wireless relay recievers, and a T24-HA display module.

Unique Data Acquisition System

Specialized Systems by Load Cell

Data acquisition system designed for structrual fatigue testing and suited for the harsh Alaskan climate. The DAQ system is deployed for 3 month periods and stores the data from three 10,000 LB capacity S Type load cells.

Wave Breaking Force Measurement System

Specialized Systems by Load Cell

Load cell system to measure the forces on a wave breaking system designed by a university engineering team. The system includes four submersible load cells and a controller displaying the force on each individual cell, and the sum of all the load cells.

Yacht Weighing System

Specialized Systems by Load Cell

Scale system designed for a yacht manufacturer. Consisting of eight load cells with a capacity of 150,000 LB each. The indicator displays each individual and total weights. This allows the vessels weight and center of gravity to be monitored during the manufacturing process.

Unique Wireless Load Cell and Display

Specialized Systems by Load Cell

Wireless load cell and display used for destructive testing of telephone poles.

Hospital Beds, Portable Carts, Table Load Cell System

Caster load cell

Custom under-bed load cell system used for weighing hospital beds, portable carts, and tables. Ramp platforms under each wheel make for easy lifting of the bed, cart, or table. Connects to an easily programmable indicator. Wireless option.

Capacity: 300 KG per sensor

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