Barrel and Drum Scales

Load Cell Central barrel scales offer an accurate, reliable solution for drum barrel weighing needs.  When paired with our electronics, weight data can be monitored and controlled by most interfaces to track inventory usage or simplify dosing and batching applications.

Our barrel scales are available in powder-coated carbon steel or corrosion-resistant stainless steel. 
Our drum weighing scales come in 30 and 36-inch platform sizes. The 30 and 36-inch versions are both compatible with 55-gallon drums as well as smaller sizes, like 20 or 30-gallon barrels. Available as options, we can supply our drum barrel scales with stainless steel, alloy steel, hermetically sealed, and FM approved load cells. With portability options, indicator stands, diamond plate decks, remote junction boxes, and custom sizes and capacities, Load Cell Central barrel scales and drum scales will meet the needs for any application.

All barrel and drum weighing scales come pre-calibrated when ordered with one of our digital indicators, signal conditioners, or wireless transmitters. 24/7 technical support ensures you meet your deadlines and quotas with ease.

Barrel Scale Selection


Industrial drum / barrel scales.


Stainless steel industrial drum / barrel scales.

What is an industrial drum scale?

An industrial drum scale is a weighing instrument used to determine the weight of products that are packaged in large containers called drums. Industrial drum scales are used in a wide variety of industries including, but not limited to auto repair shops, breweries, chemical plants, farming, food processing plants, recycling centers, sawmills, waste management, wineries, and more. Industrial drum scales usually have a low profile and have easy loading with optional ramps.

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