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Product Videos


TLE: Load Cell Amplifier

Description and calibration of the TLE.


Calog-LC II: Load Cell Tester / Simulator

Overview of the functions featured in the Calog-LC II.

DSCUSB: USB Load Cell Interface

Demonstration of the USB load cell system and the provided free software.

OM-26: Load Cell Amplifier, 4-20mA Output

Calibation and setup of the OM-26.

OM-25: Load Cell Amplifier, 0-10VDC Output

Calibration and setup of the OM-25.

PVS-10 & PVS-11: Load Cell Simulator Basics

Demonstration of how a load cell simulator is used.

BHM: Handheld Load Cell Indicator

Portable load cell display, calibration and setup instructions.

SST1: Load Cell Tester

Testing a load cell with the SST1 load cell tester.

AHM: Portable Load Cell Controller

Load cell display with Peak and Trough features.


OM-19: Load Cell Amplifier +/-10VDC or 4-20mA

Calibration and setup of the OM-19

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