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Test your own load cells in-house and get FREE diagnostics

Mindful of the time and cost incurred when load cell troubleshooting is required, Load Cell Central is providing customers with the knowledge and ability to test their own load cells via an online guide.

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NEW Economical Load Cell Tester

Load Cell Central has introduced a tester that fills the niche of economical and versatile load cell testing equipment. It benefits every skill level and it fits nicely in almost every budget.  

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Load Cell Central Launches New Website!

To improve the availability of its leading-edge electronic weighing and force measurement technology to a wider market, and to more clearly explain its capabilities to a broader range of potential customers, Load Cell Central has launched a top-to-bottom redesign of its website,

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Load Cell Tester / Simulator Press Release

The CALOG-LC hand-held precision calibrator unites features that usually involve multiple pieces of equipment into one easy to use hand held device. This combination makes the CALOG-LC ideal for testing 4 and 6 wire load  cells, checking insulation breakdown, and for weighing system calibrations and simulations...

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Industrial Lab Weighing Scale Press Release

The VWA (Versatile Weighing Assembly), a first in the weighing and measurement industry, is convenient for a wide variety of weighing applications.  Its lightweight, all-aluminum construction makes it ideal for use on the workbench or lab table...

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Load Cell Simulator Press Release

Load Cell Central's PVS-10 transducer simulator is encased in a rugged ABS enclosure for use in the field and is designed with the scale technician in mind.  This load cell simulator is ideal for troubleshooting scale indicators and verifying proper indicator setup...

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Underwater Load Cell Press Release

Load Cell Central’s UWTL Series underwater load cells eliminate dangerous guessing of cable loads in marine operations.  For up to 5,000 meter depths and beyond, the UWTL is engineered for undersea conditions and is in use in a wide range of applications including marine towing, oilfield, salvage, construction, and mooring-load monitoring...

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VWI Multi-Function Digital Indicator Press Release

The VWI, a low-cost, multi-function digital indicator from Load Cell Central, provides a cost-effective solution for a wide variety of applications such as check weighing, force monitoring, and parts counting.  Low and high limit setpoints are standard for batching applications.  With an internal 1,000,000 count resolution, the programmable VWI is accurate enough for the most precise weighing tasks...

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Low Capacity Universal Load Cell Assembly Press Release

The Duramount 21 universal low capacity load cell weighing assembly is ideal for cost-sensitive force measurement applications. Using one of our ESP series load cells we can achieve a maximum error of 0.025% of full scale in either tension or compression. That’s twice as accurate as most other tension & compression load cells in this capacity range...

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