Custom Load Cell Mounting Assemblies

New and existing weighing applications sometimes require modifications to off-the-shelf load cell mounting assemblies. Load Cell Central can modify or design the hardware needed for your specific weighing requirements.

Custom VWA Mounting Assembly for Load Cells

Custom VWA mounting assemblies that utilize the ESP4 moment compensated load cell. Find a high-quality scale system with a simple design built for accuracy at Load Cell Central.

VWA Mounting Assembly for Instron Machine

Load cell mounts for calibrating an Instron machine. Load Cell Central VWA mounting assembly that uses tension grips for calibrating your system.

Load Cell Mounting Assemblies for Hopper Weighing Applications

View our custom mounting assembly for hopper weighing applications at Load Cell Central. This system is based on the Duramount 18 weighing assembly and can be built for custom dimension requirements.

Duramount Mounting Assembly

Find custom built Duramount 21 Assemblies that enable ESP4 single point load cells to be used in tension and compression applications at Load Cell Central.

Custom Top Plate for SPWE Tank Weighing Load Cell

Custom top plate for the SPWE tank weighing load cell. The custom top plate is designed to fit the customer's existing bolt pattern on the legs of a hopper.

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