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Equip your warehouse or distribution center with the right industrial scales to stay productive. Load Cell Central offers an extensive line of industrial scales and scale accessories. From simple bench and floor scales to crane scales and dynamometers, shop a variety of digital and mechanical scales designed to get stabilized readings for precise weight measurements. If you have an application that cannot be met with one of our stock scales, our experts will work with you to develop a custom scale or weighing system to make sure your needs are met. 

When durability and accuracy count, trust Load Cell Central to supply you with the industrial scales and accessories you can rely on.

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Low capacity crane scale.

QS Series

Durable, low-profile, and accurate floor scales.


Industrial drum / barrel scales.


Industrial platform scales.


Stainless steel industrial drum / barrel scales.


Medium to high capacity industrial crane scale.

Center of Gravity System

This unit pinpoints and displays the center of gravity.


Tension link load cell / crane scale.


Easy to use, low cost electronic digital force readout system


Wireless tension link load cell / crane scale.


Clamp-on crane overload limiting load cell / crane scale.


Submersible tension link load cell / crane scale.

Floor industrial scales are large floor scales used to weigh very heavy objects. The floor (or sometimes sub-floor) placement enable heavy items to be weighed without having to be lifted. Floor scales are especially useful in warehouses for determining load capacity. Each forklift load can be weighed quickly and easily before it is loaded.

Bench scales are compact in frame and size. Due to their compact size, they can be easily implemented in any manufacturing facility. Although typically used to weigh small to medium sized objects, some bench scales can weigh items up to 500 pounds. Easily placed on a  workbench or other surface, these scales prove to be highly convenient.

Crane scales attach to the end of a crane wire rope or fixed beam. They are used to measure objects that are not easily weighed by traditional floor scale; this includes unstable items, items with unusual and awkward shapes, difficult to move items, and items which are difficult to balance. Crane scales also free the user from having to move heavy objects from their location to the scale in that it allows you to hook the item to the scale and raise it slightly to get a measurement. 


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