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Miniature Load Cells

Many load cell applications have specific parameters that make it necessary to utilize miniature load cells. Whether you have limited space, are integrating into an existing system or require portability, miniature load cells provide an effective and efficient solution for industrial or technical purposes.

No matter the size and scope of your needs, Load Cell Central has the broad inventory and custom design capabilities to supply:

  • miniature load cells
  • micro load cells
  • subminiature load cells

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Miniature Load Cell Attributes

Miniature load cells come in a variety of types and can be designed to measure output in both tension and compression. We manufacture and sell miniature load cells that represent broad application coverage with capacity levels ranging from 25 grams to 50,000 pounds of force.

Our miniature load cells are capable of handling everything from low cost production and testing to applications requiring high precision and superior endurance. Load Cell Central can build miniature, subminiature and micro load cells suitable for use in a variety of settings, including outdoor and submersible conditions.

Compression Miniature Load Cells

Our compression miniature load cells come in a variety of models:

  • Canister and beam type: Canister type miniature load cells include the DTC model, perfect for limited spaces and mobile applications. They also include the DTB, designed for low cost production and testing applications. Our Mini-Gram Beam model measures extremely low bending forces and provides a compact unit for easy integration into existing systems.
  • Button type: Load Cell Central’s button type models start with the VLPA low profile load cell capable of measuring load ranges from 50 grams to 1,000 pounds. For compression measurements up to 50,000 pounds, the stainless steel XBD miniature load cell provides precision gaging and superior stability.
  • Thru hole type: The VCD Donut Shaped micro load cell is our answer for applications that require the load structure to pass directly through the cell. The SCD provides measurements in compression applications ranging from 150 grams up to 30,000 pounds — it’s available in multi-hole configurations.

Universal Miniature Load Cells

Load Cell Central also offers options in universal miniature, subminiature and micro load cells. Our S-Type HRS model can be used in both tension and compression applications. It’s submersible to 95 Psi. The highly accurate HTC Dual Stud Mount load cell is designed for easy in-line mounting and features a range of 50 pounds to 10,000 pounds. Our low-profile CTD is a subminiature load cell suited to all capacities and excels in “straight through” tension weighing applications.

The Advantages of Choosing Load Cell Central

At Load Cell Central, our team works to supply the highest quality miniature load cell solutions that fit your needs as well as your budget. We offer cutting-edge engineering, broad manufacturing capabilities, top-notch technical sales and after-purchase support. We either have the load cell products you need in stock, or we have the capabilities to custom design load cells for you.

Our comprehensive line of load cell accessories includes electronics, scales, mounting assemblies, hardware, process controls and specialized systems. Load Cell Central is also equipped to repair, calibrate and gage industrial load cells.

Find out more about our complete product line and service offerings — give us a call at 1-800-LOADCEL or contact Load Cell Central online today!

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