Miniature Load Cells (Mini)

Our miniature load cells and button force sensors are intelligently designed and precision machined to be as small as possible.  Built using alloy steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, our miniature load cells work well in most environments. With a collective capacity range from 10 grams to 20Klb, these load cells are fit for almost any application. In addition to our miniature load cells and button force sensors, we can also provide micro load cells for applications with extremely tight space constraints.  Read More


Subminiature button load cell. 25 lb to 1000 lbs.


Miniature button type load cell. 100 lb - 50K lb.


Low profile, miniature load cell. 10 lb - 1K lb.


High accuracy mini gram load cell.


Miniature canister load cell.


Universal miniature load cell.


Miniature s-type load cell.


Low capacity, universal, miniature load cell. 2.5 lb - 100 lb.


Miniature, button type, canister load cell.

A wide range of capacities from 5 grams up to over 1,000 lbs means our miniature (mini), button force sensors, and micro load cells are ready to implement into any low capacity application.

When paired with one of our indicators, signal conditioners, or load cell amplifiers, our micro and mini load cells can fit seamlessly into any of your manufacturing processes or new applications.

With Load Cell Central’s 24/7 technical support, our staff will help you minimize down time. Our sales technicians are available at all hours to assist you.

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What is a miniature load cell?

A miniature load cell, or micro-load cell, can be thought of as the little brother to full-sized load cells. This mini load cell is designed to measure smaller loads, such as those found in medical, industrial and consumer applications. Often used as an alternative to traditional strain gauges, these load cells are much smaller than traditional types of load cells and don’t require external equipment to be installed in order to work properly. This makes miniature load cells ideal for a variety of different uses where space is at a premium and where larger-scale options just aren’t feasible.

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