Wireless Load Cells and Electronics 

wlctl2 wireless load cellA wireless load cell or industrial weighing system can be highly advantageous. For example, if you’re unable to run the necessary cables to the load cells or if the cable could be damaged easily. Also, in some cases, a wireless interface is more economical than long lengths of cable. Load Cell Central’s wireless load cell systems can be battery-operated or hard-wired to a power source if accessible. View our wireless load cell options below.

Wireless Load Cells and Electronics


Long range wireless load cell base station with serial output.


Wireless load cell base station.


Wireless Load Cell Receiver


Wireless tension link load cell / crane scale.


Wireless, handheld load cell indicator for up to 12 load cells.


Wireless, handheld, load cell indicator with roaming capability.


Wireless load shackle. 12 t - 400 t.


Serial data input scale display.

T24-AO1 and T24-AO1i

Wireless telemetry load cell analog output module.


Telemetry enabled wireless printer.


Wireless load cell telemetry relay module.


Wireless telemetry active repeater for load cells.


Serial output wireless load cell receiver.


Wireless handheld load cell display for use in Zone 1 & 2 hazardous areas.


Wireless load cell transmitter for use in Zones 1 & 2 hazardous areas,


Miniature wireless load cell transmitter. 3 Vdc (2xAAA with BB1).


Wireless load cell transmitter. 3 Vdc (2xAA) power supply.


Wireless load cell transmitter. 5-18 Vdc or 2xD cell power supply.

Can any load cell be made wireless?

Any load cell can be wired for use with our wireless telemetry equipment. Ideal for crane and hoist load cells, and load cells used in hazardous areas, our wireless options can be fitted to any of our load cells.

What is a wireless load cell?

Today, wireless load cells are becoming more popular and widespread use across many industries, as they are highly cost-effective and easily portable. Wireless load cells have many advantages over traditional load cells that are wired into systems, such as flexibility and cost savings, but they also come with some limitations that you need to be aware of when considering them for your application. Check out our wireless load cell options that can work for your industry. Contact a load cell specialist for expert advice on our wireless electronic load cells.

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