Load Cell Simulators / Testers

ScaleTools™, load cell / scale simulators, and load cell testers can be extremely helpful when troubleshooting or setting up a scale system.

A load cell simulator is a handy tool during initial setup, particularly of a batching by weight scale. It replaces the load cell(s) in the system allowing the scale technician to simulate various weights that will trigger the outputs setpoints for activating valves, gates, and mixers. These products are a must for anyone involved in scale installations and repairs. Check out our Load Cell Testers below:

Load Cell Simulator & Tester Selection


Load cell tester.


Load cell simulator in a rugged ABS enclosure.


Load cell simulator.


Load cell tester / simulator / calibrator.

Before the introduction of load cell testing instruments, troubleshooting a load cell could take 10–15 minutes or even longer, tediously taking numerous measurements at different points and making calculations.

Load cell testers streamline the whole process of administering a full sequence of detailed tests. The automatic interpretation is reduced to less than one minute, without removing the load cell from the installation. The SST1 load cell tester effortlessly accomplishes what used to be a complicated and tedious process.

A load cell simulator is used primarily for calibrating scale indicators, troubleshooting load cell systems, and verifying proper indicator setup. Simulators are capable of providing a wide range of useful load cell signals, simulating the changing signal from a load cell as the weight varies. It can be used to simulate any pressure, torque, or force load cell whose output is measured in millivolts. The PVS10 and PVS11 load cell simulators from Load Cell Central are essential components of your scale system toolkit.  

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