The Load Cell Central TrussTest system is an easy to use, low cost electronic digital force readout system designed especially for load testing in the manufacture of structural trusses and similar structures. Its versatile design has led to its use in a variety of force measurement and weighing applications.


  • Easy and fast to use. Reading values from one central point saves time and effort.
  • Practically zero maintenance.
  • 20' cable from each cell to meter
  • Switchable: Channel 1, 2, or SUM
  • Digital Readout to 5,000 lbs x 10 Ib. per channel, 10,000 x 10 Ib. SUM
  • National Institutes of Standards and Technology (Formerly National Bureau of Standards) traceability certification provided for H.U.D. and other regulatory requirements.
  • Peak hold feature (selectable) retains and displays highest value during test.
  • Low profile force modules: only 3" ht.
  • Low cost
  • Strong after-sale support
  • 1 year warranty

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  • Custom dimensions, number of channels
  • Custom configurations and capacities
  • Mil. spec. connectors to detach weigh modules from cable
  • Serial output for computer data logging of tests
  • Custom software available
  • Linear displacement transducers and analog output for X-Y plotter or hysteresis curve plotting
  • Custom cable lengths
  • Custom hole pattern, top & bottom plates

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