Load Cell Calibration Services

load cell calibrationThe Importance of Proper Load Cell Calibration

A crucial aspect of maintaining load cell equipment lies in periodically making sure industrial weighing systems are properly calibrated by regularly scheduling load cell calibration services. Recalibration will also maintain consistent precision performance to help protect your bottom line.

Your relationship with Load Cell Central not only means a direct pipeline to high quality equipment required for electronic weighing and force measurement applications, but it also provides you access to ongoing support in keeping load cells optimally calibrated. 

Expert Load Cell Calibration Services

As a load cell manufacturer with long experience providing comprehensive load cell repairs and services, we possess a valuable expert perspective on load cell calibration. Load Cell Central employs a load cell calibration system comprised of two high quality presses, featuring calibrated standards and digital indicators for accurate readings from any type of load cell (or multiple cells).

Our digital indicators represent the highest quality, come standard with many load cell models in our inventory, and can be optioned with RS232 output, 0-10V or 4-20 mA, relay outputs or printer output. The results of our expert load cell calibration means quality assurance, regulatory compliance and a more efficient system capable of maintaining peak performance.

Why Choose Load Cell Central for Load Cell Calibration?

We have been manufacturing load cells and providing custom weighing system integration and load cell repair since 1985. We not only build first-rate stock and custom load cells, scales, accessories and electronics, but we also stand behind the products we sell with ongoing technical services and support.

In the end, you receive a quality product at an economical price, while continuing to reap the rewards of maximum long-term, worry free operation and durability.

Your convenience and satisfaction is our number one concern, so when you contact us about load cell calibration you’ll receive the prompt attention required for quickly assessing conditions. We offer 24/7 customer support from certified experts who understand the intricate load cells essential to your operation. Load Cell Central offers emergency parts for a wide variety of equipment, and we also specialize in custom solutions for load cell calibration, product replacement and repair.

Contact Us Now for Every Load Cell Calibration Need

Your load cells require regularly-scheduled attention to ensure they are meeting your standards and operating properly. With the right equipment and expertise in load cell calibration, with Load Cell Central, you’re putting your electronic weighing systems in the best possible hands.

For more information on load cell calibration, repair services and custom equipment for sale, browse our website or contact a Load Cell Central representative directly. We’re standing by to take your call today!

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