Floor Scales

Load Cell Central industrial floor scales are as tough as they come. Featuring materials like aluminum, powder-coated carbon steel or corrosion-resistant stainless steel, our floor scales are rugged enough for any job. These are not typical floor scales. Available with options like indicator stands, remote and top access junction boxes, top access leveling feet, ramps, forklift packages, bumper guards, pit forms, and ultra-low profile solutions — our floor scales have it all. Also available is our harsh environment package, which includes capped and sealed tubes, cold zinc epoxy coating, urethane enamel topcoat, a remote junction box in stainless steel, as well as stainless steel hardware, leveling feet, and hermetically sealed load cells.

Useful for more than just weighing skids, our floor scales are also great for building an inexpensive conveyor scale, or when used as a platform to batch product into or out of containers.

Available in dozens of sizes and capacities or available with custom dimensions, our floor scales can fit any and all industrial weighing needs. When purchased with our digital displays or electronics, our floor scales come pre-calibrated. 24/7 technical support ensure down time is virtually a thing of the past.

Floor Scale Selection

QS Series

Durable, low-profile, and accurate floor scales.

What is an Industrial Floor Scale?

Industrial floor scales are large pieces of equipment with a low profile that are designed to weigh and measure heavy items or materials within an industrial setting – typically factories or other similar settings.

What are Industrial Floor Scales Used For?

Applications for heavy-duty industrial floor scales can be used for weighing pallets on a jack, heavy containers, vats, drums, packages for shipping and receiving, and many other options.

What is the lowest weight that can be accurately measured on an industrial floor scale?

Floor scales are typically used for mid-capacity weighing, 200-20,000 lbs. The weight that can be accurately measured on any industrial scale depends on the type and size of the scale and the load cells used. The lowest capacity floor scale offered by Load Cell Central is 1,000 lbs.

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