Underwater and Submersible Load Cells

Load Cell Central offers custom and stock submersible load cells for underwater applications, as well as a full line of supporting load cell hardware and electronics. Suitable for use in offshore oil and gas production, towing, transport and salvage, commercial fisheries, and other marine applications, our standard underwater load cells are submersible up to 95 psi and come in capacities of up to 50,000 lbs. We can also custom-build a transducer to meet the unique needs of your operation.  Read More

Submersible Load Cells

CLP Series

Versatile load measuring pin. 1K lb - 1,000K lb


Hermetically sealed, stainless steel, submersible s-type load cell.


Hermetically sealed, stainless steel, submersible s-type load cell.


Load shackle load cell. 1 t - 400 t.


Hermetically sealed, stainless steel, submersible load cell


Submersible tension link load cell / crane scale.


Hermetically sealed, stainless steel, submersible s-type load cell.

Submersible Load Cell Hardware and Accessories

You'll also find dozens of accessories for our submersible load cells ready for use in a variety of underwater applications. We have hardware such as eye bolts, thread adaptors and rod ends to hardware linkages including electrical isolators and wire rope cable assemblies.  Load Cell Central offers consultation, custom designs, calibrations, technical support, and much more for your industrial and marine weighing applications.

Custom Underwater Load Cells

If our stock submersible load cells aren’t perfect for your operation, contact us to discuss custom builds. Our UWTL series products are built to order, allowing you to specify your requirements — including connectors, capacity, dimensions, output, and cable length — for underwater load cells suitable for use at depths of up to 5,000 meters.  Internal signal conditioners are also available for outputs like 4-20mA, 0-5VDC, 0-10VDC, +/-10VDC, RS232, RS485, USB, acoustic, and more!

To request a quote for custom submersible load cells or to inquire about any of our other load cell products for marine use, contact Load Cell Central today.

Can load cells be used underwater?

Load cells can be designed to remain water-tight and accurate even at depths of over 4,000 meters.  Underwater load cells (submersible) are used in numerous subsea applications such as offshore oil and gas production, shipbuilding, mooring, commercial fishing, and other marine applications. 

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