Beam Load Cells

shear beam load cellsBeam load cells account for a large portion of all load cell weighing systems. Incredibly diverse, beam load cells are capable of replacing the load cells in an existing system, or for creating a new application. Built using alloy or stainless steel and environmentally sealed to IP67 or hermetically sealed to IP68, our beam-style load cells are ready for even the most corrosive environments. 

Shear Beam Load Cells

Shear beam load cells are by far the most popular beam load cell available. Shear beams are used almost exclusively for floor scales due to their low height requirements and high capacity options. Standard single-ended shear beams are available in capacities as low as 100 lbs and as high as 10,000 lbs. When a single-ended shear beam is not up to the task at hand, our double-ended shear beams fill the gap. Standard capacities for double-ended shear beams range from 1,000 lbs to 75,000 lbs. Single and double-ended shear beams are also used regularly for vessel scales in batch weighing applications, conveyor scales, and OEM products. Read More


Versatile, alloy steel, double-ended beam load cell.


Hermetically sealed, stainless steel, bending beam load cell.


Double-ended shear beam load cell.


Single ended bending beam load cell.


Stainless steel, hermetically sealed, double-ended beam load cell.


Versatile, alloy steel, double-ended beam load cell.


Hermetically sealed, stainless steel, bending beam load cell.


Single ended bending beam load cell.


Single ended shear beam load cell.


Stainless steel shear beam load cell with welded seal.


For capacities too low for single ended shear beams, bellows beam load cells can fill the gap. Available in capacities from 100KG to 500KG, bellows beam load cells are ideal for low capacity vessel weighing. Bellows beam load cells come standard as stainless steel, hermetically sealed load cells.

Our Duramount series of load cell mounts makes the installation process easier and more reliable, and ensures your load cells are weighing properly.

Single Ended Shear Beams Duramount 3E (Powder Coated)
Duramount 30 (Stainless Steel)
Double Ended Shear Beams Duramount 7
Bellows Beam Load Cells Duramount 31

Our beam type load cells are provided standard with 20 feet of 4 conductor shielded cable. Custom cable lengths are available.

When coupled with one of our indicators, signal conditioners or load cell amplifiers, the options become endless. Whether you are batch weighing, parts counting, or building a center of gravity system, our beam load cells are ready for your application, and with our trained technical support staff you will be taken care of. Available 24/7 to solve your scale problems, Load Cell Central will ensure you receive not only great pre-sale consultation, but full after-sale support as well.

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What is a Shear Beam Load Cell?

A shear beam load cell is used to measure compressive forces and is commonly used in industries that require accurate weighing. Shear beam load cells are often the best option when it comes to weighing items, especially when accuracy and durability are important factors.

What is the difference between a Single-Ended and Double-Ended Shear Beam Load Cell?

The difference between a Single Ended and Double Ended Shear Beam Load Cell depends on the number of mounting points where the load is applied. A Single-Ended Shear Beam Load Cell is a type of load cell has one end fixed, while the load is applied to the opposite end. A Double-Ended Shear Beam Load Cell has both ends of the load cell fixed, with the load being applied to a central point.

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