Load Cells in Materials Testing

March 1, 2023

Load cells are an integral part of materials testing. The type of load cell used is determined by the nature of the testing being performed...

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Load Cell Wiring

March 1, 2023

Not all load cells are wired the same. Depending on the application, load cells can utilize either 4 or 6 wire cables...

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Force Sensors

November 21, 2022

A force sensor is a type of transducer more commonly referred to as a load cell. Force sensors/load cells convert physical stimuli such as torque, pressure, and compression into a measurable electrical output.

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railway with strain gauges

Strain Gauge Applications

August 22, 2022

While one of the most common uses for strain gauges is in load cells, strain gauges can also be used...

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Function of a Signal Conditioner

June 4, 2021

The function of a signal conditioner is to pick up the signal from the load cell and convert it into a higher level of electrical signal. Signal conversion is often used by industrial applications, especially those that use a wide range of sensors to perform measurements.

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illustration of pin load cell

Clevis Load Cells & Pin Load Cells

February 22, 2021

Load pins are rod-shaped load cells that can replace normal shafts or pins in machineries such as shackles, sheaves, bearing blocks, pivots, pulleys, and much more.

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Load Cell Calibration

January 27, 2021

Before any load cell can be used it must undergo an initial calibration.  The purpose is to convert the output voltage to a user-defined value.

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Finding a Replacement for Hydraulic Load Cells

December 2, 2020

At Load Cell Central we specialize in strain gauge load cells and load cell systems. With changing technology involving wireless systems, explosion-proof enclosures, and portable power supplies, we are able to replace hydraulic load cell systems with highly accurate strain gauge systems.

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Din Rail Mounting

March 24, 2020

Convenient, efficient, and cost-effective, DIN rail mounting systems are used in the setup of many weighing systems.

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Types of Strain Gauges

March 13, 2020

Description of different types of strain gauges commonly used on strain gauge load cells.

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