Load Cell System Experts

May 30, 2023

By Dara Trent, Technical Content Director

Most people are not load cell experts. Using load cell-based weighing systems is a small part of a much bigger picture. Whether your job is managing a food packaging facility or running a dairy farm, understanding the ins and outs of your load cell system isn’t in your job description. You’re not an expert and you shouldn’t have to be! That’s what the experienced and expert technicians at Load Cell Central are here to do. We are the load cell experts so you don’t have to be. The best part is that our advice is FREE.

Not all load cell systems are created equal. Not by a long shot. Beyond knowing whether you are measuring in pounds or tens/hundreds/thousands of pounds (What capacity of load cell do I need?) there are many variables to consider when determining the needed components of a load cell system. Each force measurement application brings with it unique demands and challenges that must be taken into consideration; variables that, unless you are well-versed in weighing systems, you would not likely think to consider. It takes an expert to not only identify the elements of your application that require special consideration but also to select the most practical way to adapt your system to accommodate those factors. Below are just a few of the many questions to consider when designing a load cell system:

How quickly and frequently do measurements need to be taken? Different types of load cells are designed to work in different ways. Checkweighing systems require obtaining of upwards of 350 items per minute. This means that checkweighers need to utilize a load cell that can perform accurately at a high rate of speed.

How will the load cell data be used? From being sent to a remote display to being recorded and stored in a database to being used to trigger an emergency shutdown, load cell data can be used in a myriad of ways.  Data handling is a major factor that will determine key components to incorporate into your system.

What is the temperature of the environment where the system will be operating? Load cells are manufactured to operate within a specific temperature range. In applications where the environmental temperature of the load cell system is above or below that range, specialized load cells must be used to ensure that all measurements remain accurate.

Do I need a wireless system? There are certain applications that are severely hindered, or impossible if a hard-wired system is used. Wireless systems are used in cases where factors such as distance, environment, or cell movement are present. Such instances often include weighing large structures and crane/hoist systems.

Since 1988, Load Cell Central has set itself apart in the industrial weighing industry through our ability to talk our customers through not only choosing the right system components. Even well past the initial design, our experienced technicians are available by phone or email to assist with setup, maintenance, and troubleshooting throughout the life of your system. Don’t forget that this service is FREE. The experts at Load Cell Central make ongoing quality customer service our #1 priority.

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