Load Pins

Load pins (AKA clevis pin or load cell pin) are quickly becoming a favorable way to measure force in applications with blocks, pulleys, and equalizer sheaves. Previously, tension links would be the preferred method for crane applications.  However, Load pins are an ideal way to measure force on wire rope because replacing an existing non-sensing pin results in zero loss of headroom. For indoor applications, this can be vital. In contrast, a traditional tension link and accompanying shackles would remove at least 2 feet from your overall headroom resulting in a loss of lift range. 

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CLP Series

CLP Series

Versatile load measuring pin. 1K lb - 1,000K lb

Load Cell Central load pins are made to order, allowing you to name each and every requirement. Just specify your length, diameter, and capacity and we will get a quote to you promptly. Moving forward, a final drawing is created, and, pending your approval, production begins.

We have built a wide range of load pins, from 1” diameter, 4,000 lbs to 8” diameter, 80,000 lbs load pins. Load Cell Central’s load pin load cells are made exclusively out of stainless steel, and are available with hermetic connectors making them perfect for any environment.

Our load pins are available with a wide variety of options, from submersible to custom outputs like 4-20mA, 0-5VDC, 0-10VDC, +/-10VDC, RS232, RS485, USB, and more!

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