Digital Load Cell Displays and Indicators

We carry a wide range of digital displays for strain gauge load cells. There are many options available to our load cell displays such as analog outputs to interface with a PLC, digital outputs for computer interfaces, I/O and relay outputs to control batching and checkweighing scales, and wireless load cell indicators.

Digital displays (indicators or weight meters) do more than tell you the weight on the scale platform, they actually power the electronic load cells in the scale and register their response. The more sophisticated they are, the more capabilities they have to process information, execute a weighing sequence, or communicate with peripheral devices, such as a printer, computer, or remote display unit. On some electronic scales, the indicator is housed within the scale frame. On other scales, the weighing platform is separated from the digital display, which is mounted on desktop, wall, or panel.

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Digital Display Selection


Programmable weight controller.


Economical, battery operated load cell display.


Economical panel mount indicator.


Wireless Load Cell Receiver


Wireless, handheld load cell indicator for up to 12 load cells.


Economical, handheld load cell display.


Wireless, handheld, load cell indicator with roaming capability.


Durable indicator for basic weighing applications.


Easy setup load cell transmitter.


Programmable batching system and load cell controller.


Scale controller and indicator with stainless steel enclosure.


Din-rail or panel mount load cell weight transmitter.


Batching indicator.


Stainless steel batch controller and indicator for basic weighing application.


Stainless steel batch controller and indicator for advanced weighing applications.


Panel mount batch weighing controller.


Panel mount scale indicator for advanced weighing systems.


Load cell tester / simulator / calibrator.


Multi channel load cell controller, amplifier, and indicator.


USB load cell to computer digital interface.


Crane and hoist load limiting system.

Indicators vary in terms of their Ingress Protection (IP) rating. Indicators used in dry office or warehouse environments can get away with an ABS plastic housing (like the LBI). When dust or moisture is an issue, however, an IP65 (dust tight, water resistant) enclosure offers a higher degree of protection. Indicators such as our AHM and BHM are good examples of durable, water resistant indicators. In applications where complete water submersion is possible, IP68 (dust and water tight) housing is required, usually made from stainless steel and sealed well. Indicators with IP68 ratings sold by Load Cell Central include the Winox and the 920i.

Indicators can also be differentiated by the NFPA 70 (National Fire Protection Association) National Electric Code (NEC) classifications. These classes are based on intrinsic safety barriers for hazardous locations. For example, our 400 series indicators are safe to use in hazardous locations Class I / II / III, Div.1 and 2, Groups A-G. This means the 410, 422, 430, 433, or 440 can be used where fire or explosion hazards may exist due to flammable gases, flammable or combustible liquid-produced vapors, combustible dusts, or ignitable fibers / flyings. 

For simple weighing operations, a basic indicator that displays the weight is sufficient; however, if the the weighing sequence is sophisticated, you may need a “smart indicator” that can be programmed to meet your custom weighing needs. Indicators such as the Winox or 920i. For instance, the 920i delivers more features, more programmability, and more power to your process.  With its performance-driven architecture and customized display features, the 920i can take your weighing system further.  The 920i offers the versatility of the universal, deep, panel mount, or wall-mounted style enclosures.

While graphic icons and messages show setpoint and function status, up to ten different screens can be programmed to change with any given process.  The multi-channel display feature shows the weight on an individual scale or a combination of totalized scales.  When used in batching/mixing applications, one 920i is capable of handling multiple scales, flow temperatures, and pulse inputs.  It can control hundreds of I/O setpoints, queuing such things as gates, valves, and conveyors, often eliminating the need for a PLC and costly programming.  Utilizing the complete database capabilities of the 920i allows you to store all your related data and files.

Load Cell Central has deployed the 920i for a variety of applications such as:

  • Finding the center of gravity of items being transported to the International Space Station

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I manage multiple load cells with one controller/indicator?

Depending on the indicator used, you can find systems that manage one, four, or eight channels quite easily.  Scalable solutions allow you to manage a virtually endless number of load cells.

  • Monitoring 8 scales in a liquid refrigerant recycling facility 
  • Displaying 10 load cell weights aiding in the manufacture of luxury yachts
  • Kiosk scale station for a batch-out application for two scales loading out to tractor trailers, with USB data logging and receipt printing 

No matter how simple or complex your application is, Load Cell Central can help you choose the right instrumentation.


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