Thru-Hole Load Cells

thru hole load cellsLoad Cell Central’s thru-hole load cells, often referred to as donut load cells or load washers, are typically used to measure the force acting on a fastener or shaft, such as a bolt or in a hydraulic press.  Constructed of stainless steel, our thru-hole load cells are ideal for quality control in industrial production applications. 

Standard capacities for thru-hole load cells begin as low as 100 lbs and reach as high as 100,000 lbs.  Custom versions can reach well over 1 million  lbs in capacity. Read More




3" O.D. thru hole load cell. 2K lb - 50K lb


2" O.D. thru hole load cell. 250 lb - 10K lb


1.5" O.D. thru hole load cell. 100 lb - 2K lb


1" O.D. miniature load washer. 50 lb to 500 lb

For example, suppose a specific bolt in your manufacturing process must be torqued with a consistent force.  Using a donut load cell as a load washer fits this application very well without resorting to low-availability torque load cells.  Thru-hole load cells also work well for applications where a shaft or wire rope is suspended through a surface.  This allows a tension force to be measured in compression by our donut load cells.

Pairing our donut load cells with our indicators, signal conditioners, or load cell amplifiers gives you a complete setup ready to interface with an existing or standalone system capable of controlling your manufacturing process.

With Load Cell Central’s 24/7 technical support, attentive sales technicians are always ready to help you out of a jam.

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What is a thru-hole (donut) load cell?

A donut load cell is used to measure the force or weight being applied to an object through the center of the load cell, which can be compared to the force and weight that are measured through the two ends of the load cell. Donut load cells are also commonly referred to as thru-hole load cells because they go all the way through an object instead of just at each end like a standard load cell does.



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