Din Rail Mounting

March 24, 2020

By Dara Trent, Technical Content Director

At Load Cell Central, we offer a wide selection of DIN rail mountable products. Convenient, efficient, and cost-effective, DIN rail mounting systems are used in the setup of many weighing systems.

A DIN rail is a metal rail widely used for mounting industrial control equipment. In fact, it is so widely used that it is considered to be a core part of a global industry standard rail mounting system in equipment cabinets.

A DIN rail is typically made from rolled carbon steel with a zinc or chrome finish. DIN rails are meant for the physical support of electronic equipment and are not used to conduct electricity. DIN rails are used to mount equipment such as circuit breakers, power supplies, indicators, signal conditioners, and so on. Mounting typically occurs, as previously stated, in an electrical equipment cabinet but is not limited to that setup.

There are many advantages to a DIN rail mounting system for hardware. For starters, they save time and work. All components easily snap or slide into position on the rail as opposed to having to separately mount each component. DIN rails also save space by allowing equipment to be mounted tightly together in an organized fashion and allow for internal and external wiring circuits to be brought together. Finally, being part of a universal standard DIN rails provide installers with guaranteed uniformity across the board for electronic hardware. The cross-brand compatibility enables consumers to design their own system without having to stick to a particular brand or model. 


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