Strain Gauge Applications

August 22, 2022

By Dara Trent, Technical Content Director

In addition to being a key component in strain gauge load cells, strain gauges are used in a variety of other force measurement applications. In a load cell, the strain gauge is attached to the body of the cell to measure the amount of strain being applied to the cell. Similarly, strain gauges can be applied to load-bearing components of various systems and structures in order to measure and monitor the strain being applied.

For example, strain gauges are bonded to structures within different types of aircraft to detect excessive strain caused by air pressure or wind shear. Stress on railway lines can also be monitored using strain gauges that are attached directly to the rails.

On a smaller scale, strain gauges are very useful in tight spaces where there is no room for even a miniature load cell. Such applications might include a strain gauge being directly attached to a circuit board or attached to the grip mechanism of a robotic arm.


Common applications for strain gauges:

  • Aerospace/Aircraft
  • Rail Transport
  • Automotive
  • Materials Testing
  • Construction
  • Medical Devices
  • Robotics
  • Architectural Engineering


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