Batching and Vessel Weighing Assemblies

These load cell mounting assemblies are designed to support tanks, hoppers, conveyors, platforms, or any object that is supported by multiple points that needs to be weighed. For a complete system, be sure to check out our complete load cell product line up.

Compression Mount Selection


Light to medium capacity vessel and hopper scale mounting assembly.


Economical, low to medium capacity, batching and vessel weighing assembly.


Economical, stainless steel, low profile, load cell mounting assembly.


High capacity tank and hopper scale weighing assembly.


Cost-effective light to medium load cell mount.

What is a tank scale?

A tank scale (industrial scale) is used in industries that handle large amounts of materials on a regular basis. Some of these industries include food and beverage, agriculture, and the petroleum industry. These scales are designed to measure the amount of material (solids and liquids) that enters and leaves the storage area of each tank so that operators can keep track of their inventories and make sure they have enough product to run through production when needed. A tank scale has several major parts and must be properly calibrated in order to accurately measure the weight of whatever material it’s attached to.


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