Tension Mounts

These tension load cell mounting assemblies are perfect for applications in which a tank, hopper, conveyor, platform, or any object that is suspended by multiple points needs to be weighed. Our tension assemblies are designed for both optimum load cell performance and strength in the toughest industrial applications. Manufactured from high-grade stainless steel, they are simple to install and maintenance-free.

Built using all Load Cell Central components our tension mounts are used in tank and hopper weighing applications and mechanical scale conversions. The DM-18 incorporates clevis and rod end ball joint assemblies to reduce the length of the assembly and enable full use of headroom. Isolated from stray currents by a grounding strap, the DM-18 provides additional safety to the load cell and personnel.

DM-18 tension weighing load cell mount assembly in use

Tension Mount Selection


Tension weighing load cell mounting assembly.

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