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Custom Load Cell Design and More!

Founded in 1985, Load Cell Central has been producing custom load cells for over three decades.  When a standard, off-the-shelf load cell cannot be used, let Load Cell Central work with you to design and build the right load cell for your application.  Read More


Recent Custom Load Cells Manufactured by Load Cell Central

Load Cell for Rocket Engine Thrust

Custom bolt load cells

Gaged customer-supplied bolts for measuring rocket engine thrust.

Capacity: 300,000 LB

Handheld Custom 3D Printed Load Cell Accessories

Handheld load cell

Custom 3D printed enclosure for planar beam load cell for use in a medical application.

Capacity: 100 LB

Custom Load Cell 1

Custom tension link load cells

Triple-bridge tension link load cells for measuring the force generated by a winch.

Capacity: 100,000 LB

Custom Load Cell 9

Custom load pin load cell

Load cell originally designed for use under hospital beds is great for portable carts and tables, and no doubt for a host of applications we haven’t even thought of yet – try it!

Capacity: 300 KG per sensor

Custom Load Cell 3

Medical load cells

Biomedical applications: The S-type load cells are used in a portable patient lifting device, the single point load cells in dialysis equipment, and the load cell on the right is made for mammography equipment.

Custom Load Cell Pins for Mining Shop Cranes

Load cell for crane

Custom load cell pin built for a mining company's shop crane. It replaced the sheave pin and was able to achieve a system accuracy of 0.5%. The model HSI-LC display has 5" digits that can be easily seen from 200' away.

Custom Load Cell 6

Load cell for lathe

Dissatisfied with the accuracy of their current hydraulic load cell, the customer requested a strain gauge type thru-hole load cell custom-built to measure the force on the tail stock of a lathe.

Capacity: 120T

Replacement Hydraulic Load Cells

Pillow block load cell

Replacement load cell built based on a hydraulic load cell that was damaged and sent to us in pieces.

This load cell was used under a pillow block bearing in a wastewater treatment plant.

Capacity: 4,000 LB

Custom Load Cell 8

Hydraulic press load cell

Horseshoe-shaped load cells custom engineered for a bearing manufacturer's 2.7 million pound capacity press.

We can design and build custom tension or compression load cells of any type. Choose from stainless steel, alloy steel, aluminum, or another material to meet your requirements.  With cost in mind, environmental protection of alloy steel can be improved with zinc or nickel plating.

We can precision machine any dimension you need.  Do you have discontinued load cells in place that are vital to your production?  Let us evaluate the cell and provide an identical interchange.

Our engineers are eagerly awaiting your call.  Specify any requirement you have and we will make it happen.  Custom load cell outputs are available.  These outputs include, but are not limited to: mV/V, 4-20mA, 0-5VDC, 0-10VDC, +/-10VDC, RS232, RS485, or USB.

We also have the capability to produce submersible load cells.  For use in salt or fresh water to depths of up to and exceeding 4,000 meters, Load Cell Central can offer a suitable custom load cell.

Load Cell Central also offers dual bridge and triple bridge options.

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