Junction Boxes and Summing Cards:

Junction Boxes

Load Cell Central’s junction cards allow for multi-cell scale setups to maintain their accuracy regardless of the placement of the load.  The same is true for vessel weighing applications with contents that are not self-leveling, like gravel, or corn.  Summing cards are used primarily in floor scales and vessel weighing applications combining the outputs of 2 or more load cells.  We provide models supporting up to 12 load cells, with expansion slots to increase the maximum number of cells further.

The 4LCS and other models feature sense connections allowing for 6 wire connections and longer cable runs without voltage drop.  Our summing cards are available in a board only model for our OEM customers, as well as both stainless steel and polycarbonate enclosures.  Featuring positive grip cable glands, and a watertight seal, the 4LCS enclosures maintain a NEMA 4X rating for use in moist environments.

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4LCS-B4-channel signal trim junction card$140.00

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Enclosures: NEMA 4X; Stainless steel or Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester.
Connections: Screw terminals or Lever type; accepts up to 12 AWG wire.
Potentiometers: 25 turn cermet
Resistor Temp. Coefficent: 25ppm/°C


Specification sheet for the S4J1 smart load cell junction box


Why use a load cell summing box?

In a multi-load cell system, a summing junction box is used to “trim” and combine the signals from each load cell. Trimming is a process of equalizing the inputs from these multiple load cells into a single, accurate, output.

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