Load Cell and Weighing Equipment for Farming and Agricultural Applications

At Load Cell Central, we enable farms and agricultural facilities to incorporate accurate, load cell-based force measurement systems for data-driven productivity. By integrating our load cells and equipment into their processes, our customers gain visibility into daily operations such as: enabling yield monitoring, optimization of feed distribution, preventing overuse of materials, livestock weight monitoring, and more. 

By tracking changes via real-time readings, farms large and small can analyze growth rates, calibrate feeding, optimize storage, and make insight-based decisions for profitability. As a trusted provider of load cell technology, we offer customizable solutions to power sustainable agriculture.

Understanding the Agriculture Industry

Weighing and force measurement instrumentation play a pivotal role in agriculture. By closely monitoring animal weights, crop harvests, and feed ingredient mixing, farms can enhance yields, minimize losses, and ensure compliance. The nature of this industry demands the use of equipment that can withstand dust, debris, moisture, and varied weather conditions without compromising accuracy. At Load Cell Central, we offer load cells and electronics that are sealed to the level of ingress protection needed for the specific application, including explosion proof enclosures for electronics.

Weighing equipment used in farm settings face significant environmental hurdles. Force measurement systems must perform accurately and dependably in washdown areas, among livestock, in the presence of dust and debris, and in all weather conditions. Our rugged, adaptable load cell solutions account for all unique challenges to provide farmers with the information edge.

How We Serve the Agriculture Industry

Load Cell Central offers an extensive range of load cell products and customized solutions applicable across agriculture facilities.

Our precision load cells integrated into livestock scales facilitate regular animal weighing for health insights. The data further aids feed ratio calibration for optimized growth. Our load cells are also used in egg sorting machines that weigh over 25,000 eggs per hour. 

For crop farms, truck, tank, silo, and hopper load cells, provide reliable storage monitoring. Tracking inventory levels and calculating usage enables better planning around harvests, sales, and sustainability efforts.

With end-to-end technical guidance, we ensure seamless load cell integration with conveyor belts, mixers, silos, hoppers, and handling equipment. Our solutions empower informed farm management by delivering measurable improvements in efficiency and productivity.

Why Choose Load Cell Central?

As leaders in force measurement instrumentation, Load Cell Central delivers purpose-built agriculture solutions for rugged conditions and flexible operations. With extensive industry experience, our engineering team provides responsive guidance to uniquely address any load cell challenges.

Some key reasons to choose our agriculture load cell and weighing equipment include the following:

  • High-accuracy load cells resistant to dust and moisture up to IP68 standards: Our load cells are machined from aluminum or stainless steel with optional hermetic sealing enabling them to maintain precise readings in almost any challenging environment.
  • Engineering for all field/storage environments: From damp washdown areas in milking parlors to sweltering, dusty grain silos, our load cells operate accurately under temperature and humidity extremes seen in farm
  • Hassle-free integration and maintenance: Our experienced technical support, calibration and repair services in conjunction with corrosion-resistant load cell materials, enable you to easily maintain upkeep requirements for seamless operation.
  • Ongoing technical support and calibration: We take care of load cell and system calibration, data monitoring, and troubleshooting needs, allowing you to focus on farming tasks.
  • Custom designs compatible with any process: By studying layouts and workflows, we engineer compatible solutions that can be integrated into existing or new equipment for smooth data collection.

With real-time visibility into production and growth progress, our load cells and systems provide the actionable data advantage to target higher yields, lower losses, and maximize profits sustainably.

For more information about industrial weighing systems and load cells for the agriculture industry, please contact us today.

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