Batching Scale Systems & Vessel Weighing Systems

Batching Systems

Load Cell Central ships hundreds of vessel, hopper, and silo batching scales and weighing systems to customers around the world each year. These scale systems can be pre-calibrated at Load Cell Central and in most cases shipped still interconnected, saving time and confusion, allowing for near plug-and-play operation for every batch weighing system. Since every application is different, we recommend contacting Load Cell Central to discuss your unique batch weighing requirements so that our experienced staff can recommend the appropriate load cells and weighing electronics.

Batching system

A sales technician will need to know the following information to provide you with the most suitable batch weighing scale system.
     • Is the vessel indoors or outdoors?
     • Will the load cells be used in tension or compression?
     • How many support points (legs)? 
     • What is the dead load (weight of the vessel, motors, mixers, etc.)?
     • What is the maximum live load (product weight)?

Once these questions have been answered we can get into the weighing electronics part of the system. 
     • What power is available for the indicator or amplifier (24VDC, 115VAC, or 220VAC)?
     • Is a local display of the weight needed near the scale?  Is an analog or digital signal needed to interface to a PLC?
     • Will Load Cell Central's indicator or amplifier be required to perform the filling, dispensing, or batching processes,  or is that manual, or controlled by another device?

Explosion proof load cell


A batch weighing scale (batching scale) is a type of weighing system used to measure and control the
quantity of materials in a batch process. Batch weighing scales are commonly used in industries such as
manufacturing, food processing, mining and minerals, waste management, recycling, pharmaceuticals,
and chemical processing.


Wireless load cell transmitter. 3 Vdc (2xAA) power supply.


Wireless load cell transmitter for use in Zones 1 & 2 hazardous areas,


Wireless handheld load cell display for use in Zone 1 & 2 hazardous areas.


Wireless load cell base station.


Wireless Load Cell Receiver


Wireless telemetry active repeater for load cells.


Wireless, handheld, load cell indicator with roaming capability.


Long range wireless load cell base station with serial output.


Wireless, handheld load cell indicator for up to 12 load cells.


Serial output wireless load cell receiver.


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