Pancake/Shear Web Load Cells

pancake/shear web load cellsPancake and shear web load cells are widely used in the industry.  They can be used in many applications including but not limited to:  Hydraulic press applications, multi-point weighing, off-axis loading, and in-line force measurement.  Fatigue rated models are also available resulting in a better tolerance for high cycle loading. 

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Low profile, vessel, hopper, silo weighing load cell.


High accuracy shear web load cell. 300 lb - 200K lb.


Universal pancake load cell. 100 lb - 50K lb.


Versatile precision pancake load cell. 2.5K lb - 45K lb.


Universal shear web load cell. 300 lb - 100K lb.


Universal shear web load cell. 300 lb - 100K lb.

Our shear web and pancake load cells are available in standard capacities starting as low as 25 lbs and reaching capacities of over 500,000 lbs. Our custom pancake load cells are available with integral signal conditioners providing any output you require including 4-20mA, 0-5VDC, 0-10VDC, +/-10VDC, RS232, RS485, or USB
Machined out of stainless steel or alloy steel, our shear web and pancake load cells can withstand environments that would otherwise cause corrosion. Available in fully submersible or IP68 hermetically sealed models, our pancake and shear web load cells are ready for even the harshest environments.  Order our pancake or shear web load cells with custom cable lengths or hermetic connectors to meet your requirements. 

We also have the ability to machine any kind of adapters you need for your application.  Thread adapters, eyebolts, eye nuts, extensions, or threaded plates are just the beginning.

With our 24/7 technical support, you can be sure our sales technicians are available to take your call at all hours.  Load Cell Central will assist in improving efficiency and reducing downtime.

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What is a Pancake Load Cell?

A pancake load cell (Universal Load Cell) is an instrument used to measure load, pressure, or weight using an electrical signal sent to an amplifier, which then generates a voltage proportional to the amount of weight applied.

What are Pancake Load Cells Used For?

Pancake load cells are used for tension and compression measurement applications and have a low profile design with a range of measuring 25lbs to over 500,000 lbs. You can see pancake load cells used in today's industries for weighing silos, tanks, and processing hopper scales.


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