Single Point Load Cells

single point load cells

Single point load cells are a staple of the load cell industry. Seen most often in bathroom, bench, and small platform scales, single point load cells excel in their ability to accurately weigh in applications in which products may be placed anywhere in a relatively large platform area. This insensitivity to off-center loads is a capability known as moment compensation. A single cell can accurately weigh an area much larger than its footprint. This ability to use only one load cell instead of four makes the single point load cell a very economical solution for dozens of applications including but not limited to: Bathroom scales, bench scales, platform scales, hopper and vessel weighing, parts counting, packaging, check-weighing, OEM products, retail scales, conveyor scales, production processes, low-budget applications, and medical scales. Read More


Low profile, off-center single point load cell.


Economical, low profile, single point load cell.


Hermetically sealed, stainless steel, single point load cell.


Moment compensated, single point load cell.


Economical, low profile, moment compensated load cell.

Machined using aluminum or stainless steel and featuring optional IP68 hermetic seals, Load Cell Central’s single-point load cells are ready for any environment.  Available standard in capacities as low as 300 grams to capacities exceeding 2,000 lbs, our single-point load cells are perfect for low-cost applications.  Our single point load cells support platform sizes of

When paired with our load cell amplifiers, indicators, or signal conditioners, Load Cell Central single points are a quick and easy way to interface to your existing system, whether it be a PLC, PC, remote display, or indicator.

Our single point load cells are a great candidate for blanket orders for modified cable lengths, capacities, outputs, or wiring codes.  Mounts and spacers are available to ensure you get the most accuracy and reliability out of your single-point load cell.

On the topic of reliability, Load Cell Central offers the best after-sale support in the business.  With a 24/7 technical support line, you will never be left in the dark.  You can count on us to improve your efficiency, reduce your downtime, and take care of all your load cell needs.

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What is a single point load cell?

Single point load cells (platform load cells) are used in conjunction with platforms or frames to measure the weight of components or products placed anywhere on them. Single point load cells can be installed directly onto the platform to measure the vertical forces exerted by each component placed on the platform, but they are more commonly installed below the platform so that all components exert equal loads onto the single point load cell regardless of their position on the platform surface.

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