Automotive Industry

As automotive manufacturers race ahead with innovation, Load Cell Central is frequently called upon to provide products that keep up with changing technology. Testing geared to optimize automotive safety, reliability, and affordability often requires load cells and weighing and force monitoring systems. Load Cell Central provides sensors and electronics for use in vehicle manufacturing, motorsports, and automotive testing and repair.
We specialize in providing custom load cells, tension links, signal conditioners, amplifiers, digital displays and wireless systems that integrate seamlessly into everyday processes.

Automotive Industry Load Cells

We provide systems for spring and shock testing, vehicle lift overloads, center of gravity measurement, stamping presses, and many other research and development challenges.  In addition to these applications, our products and experience are well suited to:

  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Motorsports
  • Repair
  • Research and Development
  • Pedal Force
  • Seat Belt Tension
  • Suspension Testing
  • Center of Gravity
  • Stamping Presses

Case Study

Since 2007 we have been supplying and supporting an innovative manufacturer of motorsport suspension system testing equipment. Our role began as design consultants on the original coilover load rater used to rate automotive springs and bump stops. Load Cell Central supplies load cells and custom electronics to measure force and distance for this application. The OEM also utilizes other products from Load Cell Central for various racing suspension applications.

We were contacted in 2010 by a vehicle manufacturer needing to improve their quality control by monitoring the force applied by their stamping presses. This customer contacted us after their existing system, a permanent installation of multiple load cells inside the stamping press, failed. The constant cycling of the machine meant the previous solution did not hold up over time. Our fatigue rated load cells ensure that the machine will achieve a much better uptime.


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