Test your own load cells in-house and get FREE diagnostics

Mindful of the time and cost incurred when load cell troubleshooting is required, Load Cell Central is providing customers with the knowledge and ability to test their own load cells via this online guide. In most cases, the load cell is shipped to the manufacturer for evaluation, a process that often takes days to weeks. Load Cell Central developed this resource is to save customers time and money by keeping the testing process in-house. The guide provides step-by-step instructions to perform the tests needed to evaluate a load cell’s accuracy and integrity. With this user-friendly resource, customers can accomplish in less than an hour what used to take days or weeks. The only tool required is an accurate multimeter. The guide quickly and easily takes you through the testing process from physical inspection to bridge testing. There is also the option to instantly submit your testing data to one of our technicians for free assistance with data interpretation and diagnostics.

For over 35 years, Load Cell Central has made an art out of load cell system design. Through application-based system customization and expert customer service, Load Cell Central has set itself apart from other load cell manufacturers.

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