CALOG-LC II Load Cell Tester / Simulator / Calibrator

Load Cell Tester / Simulator / Calibrator

The CALOG-LC Load Cell Calibrator is ideal for testing 4 and 6 wire load cells, checking insulation breakdown, weighing system calibration, and simulation. Combining features from the PVS-10 load cell simulator and the SST1 load cell tester, this is a scale technician's most powerful tool.

It tests a load cell's zero balance, input resistance, output resistance, bridge balance, 50V DC insulation test from bridge to shield, bridge to housing and shield to housing.


  • Measure 0 - 2000 ohms with an maximum error of 0.5 ohm and a resolution of 0.1 ohm
  • Measure, source and simulate 0-24 milliamps with 0.01% maximum error and 1 microamp resolution
  • Measure 0-12V with 0.005% maximum error and 1mV resolution
  • Measure -30 mV to 30 mV with 0.01% maximum error and 1 microvolt resolution
  • Continuity test function
  • Measure mV or measure mV and weight
  • Source mV or source mV and weight or source weight and mV
  • Simulate mA or simulate mA and weight or simulate weight and mA
  • Trend logging with programmable time base
  • Displays values in mV and weight or weight and mV
  • Built-in 24V power supply
  • 1 year warranty (batteries not included)
  • Carry case, charger and test leads supplied as standard


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    CALOG-LC IILoad Cell Tester, Load Cell Simulator, & Load Cell Calibrator, Includes Carry Case$1,905.00

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    For weighing system testing and calibration, the CALOG-LC Load Cell Calibrator can simultaneously measure millivolts (mV) (with weight display), excitation voltage and milliamps (mA). The unit also functions as a source for millivolts and milliamps, for transducer amplifier pre-calibration testing (with weight display).


    The CALOG-LC is a hand-held precision calibrator specifically designed for load cell testing, including insulation breakdown, and weighing system calibration or simulation. Simply connect a strain-gage load cell to the spring terminals and press 'test'. The backlit graphics will display four or six wire, zero balance, input or output resistance and bridge balance. It can then carry out a 50 VDC insulation test from bridge to shield, bridge to housing and shield to housing.

    For system testing and calibration the CALOG-LC can simultaneously measure mV (with weight display), excitation voltage and mA. In source mode, used for load cell amplifier pre-calibration testing, it can source mV (with weight display), measure excitation and mA. In simulate mode it supplies a mA signal to the control room or SCADA. The display can be in mA, or mA and weight, or weight and mA.


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