Model PVS-11 Transducer / Load Cell Simulator

Transducer / Load Cell Simulator

The PVS-11 is a load cell simulator capable of providing a wide range of useful millivolt load cell signals ranging from 0 to 3mV/V.  It is used primarily for calibrating scale indicators, troubleshooting, and verifying proper indicator setup.  It can be used to simulate any pressure, torque, or force load cell whose output is measured in millivolts.  For use in the shop or in the field, the PVS-11 load cell simulator is designed with the scale technician in mind.  Encased in a crushproof and watertight enclosure, the PVS-11 includes two ranges of variable vernier adjustment and a fixed zero offset of 0.25mV/V.  It can also simulate the power draw necessary for one, two, three, four, or eight 350 ohm load cells.  This allows for the testing of an indicator’s power supply.


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 The PVS-11 load cell simulator is typically in stock for quick delivery.

Load Cell Central offers several other simulators, including units without vernier adjustment and fully electronic units. Visit our load cell simulator section for details.


PVS-11 load cell simulator features

There are no reviews yet for this product. Write a Review

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