BHM Portable Load Cell Display

Portable Load Cell Display


  • Portable battery-operated display works with Load Cells with outputs to 10mV/V
  • Easy setup & Calibration
  • Toll Free Technical Support 1-800-LOADCEL
  • Large LCD display
  • Low battery, LB or KG, and GROSS or NET indicators
  • Rugged enclosure with silicone rubber protective boot

 BHM specification sheet




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BHMHandheld Portable Load Cell Display, Includes Mating Connector for Load Cell$425.00

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LCC-720-99-9114-02-05Additional Load Cell Mating Connector$15.00

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The BHM is an economical, handheld portable load cell display.  

Handheld indicators have become indispensable in a variety of applications in which convenience and efficiency are greatly enhanced by using a handheld rather than a stationary unit.  These uses include equipment calibration, testing, industrial research, and medical. This portable load cell meter has a backlit LCD display that keeps you continually informed of your load cell data. Our handheld load cell displays are easy to set up and use and are powered by 2 AA batteries.

The BHM load cell meter can read in either LB or KG and the screen updates at rates of up to 10Hz. Calibration can be done “live” by applying a known weight in LBs, or a 'Specification Calibration' can be performed by entering the load cell's known mV/V output. The portable load cell display’s menu structure is intuitive as the LCD screen prompts the user through setup and calibration.

The BHM handheld load cell display is ruggedly built to provide lasting performance in a wide variety of work environments. The ABS enclosure is housed with a silicone rubber boot and is environmentally sealed to IP65 for protection from harsh use, extreme high or low temperatures, wet conditions, and regular wear and tear.

When the BHM portable display is purchased with a load cell from Load Cell Central the included mating connector is installed on the load cell at no charge.

We stand by the quality of our BHM portable load cell display with a one-year warranty and ensure the value of your purchase with top-notch customer service and ongoing after-sales support.

Handheld Load Cell Display Options

Portable handheld load cell displays come with the load cell mating connector. If the BHM is purchased along with a load cell, the connector will come installed at no additional charge. If used with an existing load cell, the connector must be soldered in place or you may ship the load cell to Load Cell Central to be installed.

Additional load cell mating connector 
Order PN:  720-99-9113-02-05


See the video below for an overview of the BHM load cell display in action.

Load cell centrasl


Benefits of Portable Load Cell Displays

A handheld load cell display is a valuable asset for monitoring and managing load cells functioning in industrial weighing or force measurement systems. It allows you more freedom to receive data and access meter readings on equipment with enhanced convenience and safety for the operator.  Our top quality portable load cell display provides accurate instantaneous information in real time and delivers up to 100 hours of battery life with a 350-Ohm bridge load cell attached.

The BHM handheld load cell display is proudly designed and built in the USA by Load Cell Central.

Custom Portable Load Cell Solutions

Load Cell Central has the broad capabilities to handle all your load cell needs. We provide everything from load cell manufacturing and sales to custom weighing system integration and world-class load cell repair services, including calibration and gaging. We also offer custom solutions and have the expertise to configure handheld load cell displays to your unique specifications.

Learn more about what we can do to help you boost productivity, reduce costs and achieve your goals. Contact us today for additional information and receive a free quote on a portable load cell display today! 

There are no reviews yet for this product. Write a Review

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