Model T24-ACMi — Wireless Sensor Transmitter

Wireless Sensor Transmitter

The Load Cell Central T24-ACMi wireless sensor transmitter takes a millivolt output from standard cabled sensors such as load cells, pressure and torque transducers, temperature sensors, pulse inputs, and potentiometers, or 0-10 V and 0-20 mA (4-20 mA) sensor outputs and converts to a wireless signal ready to be received by any one of our T24 receivers.  Wireless transmission distance is up to 800 meters (2,600 feet, line of sight).


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T24-ACMi-SAWireless Load Cell Transmitter$720.00

T24-ACMi-SAfFast Wireless Load Cell Transmitter, Up to 2,000Hz$950.00

T24-ACMi-IAWireless Current Transmitter, 4-20mA$735.00

T24-ACMi-VAWireless Voltage Transmitter, 0-10VDC$735.00

T24-ACMi-TAWireless Temperature Transmitter$735.00

T24-ACMi-PAWireless Pulse Transmitter$735.00

T24-ACMi-RAWireless Potentiometer Transmitter$735.00

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The T24-ACMi, supplied in a IP67 rated enclosure (80 X 62 X 34 mm), uses two "AA" batteries, and is suitable for mounting directly on a sensor or in an application with little space available.

Setup and calibration is done wirelessly via a base station (T24-BSu, T24-BSue, or T24-BSi) connected to a PC or laptop running the provided T24 Toolkit software.  For viewing and logging the data from the T24-ACM units use the T24-LOG100, or T24-Quick View software.

To complete the wireless system, a variety of interfaces are available, from handheld indicators to digital output devices.  One or more of the receivers can be used simultaneously to receive data from a single T24-ACMi transmitter. For example, for a crane application: Display data remotely with the handheld T24-HA and provide a printout of the weight readings with the T24-PR1 wireless printer.

Available T24 Transmitters
T24-ACMm     3VDC operational or use T24-BB1 battery pack     Range up to 500 meters
T24-ACMi       Powered by two "AA" batteries                                Range up to 800 meters
T24-ACM        Powered by two "D" batteries                                  Range up to 800 meters

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