Guide To Load Cells

We hear this often: “I don’t know whether I can use electronic weighing for my application – I don’t really understand load cells.”

Here we’ve tried to address many of your “FAQs” by providing an introduction to the basics of load cell function and application with a series of articles. We crack open the load cell and trace it from input excitation to output signal, touching on such topics as gaging, signal conditioning, multi-cell systems, indicators, and calibration. Also discussed are the configurations and uses of various types of load cells, supporting electronics, and available options.

Load Cell Central’s technical sales staff is here to help fill in the gaps, make you feel comfortable, and walk you through the technical and other aspects of the selection so that you can make a good, cost-effective decision. That’s what we do. Fill out the form below to download our guide!


Guide to Load Cells Articles:

Load Cell and Strain Gauge Basics    System Basics    Understanding Load Cell Specifications 

   Load Cell Terminology



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