Model TLB4 Load Cell Weight Transmitter

Load Cell Weight Transmitter

Control your load cell system with the TLB4 weight transmitter.  Standard with 3 relay logic outputs, 2 digital inputs, RS485, optionally with analog output or a variety of fieldbus or ethernet options for communication to a PLC or your network.  With four individually monitored channels this weight transmitter allows connection of up to four load cells eliminating the neAXed for a load cell junction box and displaying the total weight on all the connected load cells.
The TLB4 is compact in size and is din-rail or panel mountable making it ideal for existing applications.


  • Din-rail or panel mount
  • 12 to 24VDC operational
  • RS485 Modbus RTU output
  • 3 relay logic outputs
  • 2 digital inputs


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    Part No.DescriptionPriceQty.
    TLB4RS485Weight Transmitter, RS485 output$425.00

    TLB4Weight Transmitter, 16 bit analog & RS485 output$445.00

    TLB4CANOPENWeight Transmitter with CANopen port, and RS485$575.00

    TLB4DEVICENETWeight Transmitter with DeviceNet port, and RS485$575.00

    TLB4CCLINKWeight Transmitter with CC-LINK port, and RS485$695.00

    TLB4PROFIBUSWeight Transmitter with PROFIBUS DP port, and RS485$575.00

    TLB4MODBUSTCPWeight Transmitter with Modbus/TCP port, and RS485$635.00

    TLB4ETHETCPWeight Transmitter with Ethernet TCP/IP port (accessible via web browser), and RS485$575.00

    TLB4ETHEIPWeight Transmitter with Ethernet IP port, and RS485$695.00

    TLB4PROFINETIOWeight Transmitter with 2x PROFINET IO ports, and RS485$695.00

    TLB4ETHERCATWeight Transmitter with 2x EtherCAT ports, and RS485$695.00

    TLB4POWERLINKWeight Transmitter with 2x POWERLINK ports, and RS485$695.00

    TLB4SERCOSWeight Transmitter with 2x SERCOS III ports, and RS485$695.00

    Additional Options
    Part No.DescriptionPriceQty.
    PSC-24-01524VDC, 1.25A, 15W Power Supply, 85-264 VAC Universal Input, Din Rail Mount (Will Power 2 Units)$95.00

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    Ethernet & Fieldbus Communication Options

    • CANopen
    • DeviceNet
    • CC-LINK
    • Profibus DP
    • Modbus/TCP
    • Ethernet TCP/IP accessible via web browser
    • Ethernet IP
    • Profinet IO
    • EtherCAT
    • Powerlink
    • Sercos III


    TBL4 specification sheet

    TBL4 functions and features

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