Model DTB: Miniature Canister Load Cell

Miniature Canister Load Cell

Load Cell Central's Model DTB miniature canister column type load cells are designed for low cost production and testing applications (for example, press calibration). Engineered for compression force measurements up to 30,000 lbs. and manufactured from heat treated from 17-4 PH stainless steel, this force transducer achieves a maximum non-linearity of 0.25% full scale. Precision gaging techniques and stainless steel construction provide excellent long-term stability and reliability under severe operating conditions. The model DTB compression-only load cell has an integral load button--slightly convex for accurate load distribution--machined as part of the load cell. Standard signal output is 2 mV/V for most capacities (for example, 20 millivolts full scale with 10V excitation) so that it can be used with most any load cell digital indicator or transducer amplifier.


2,000, 3,000, 5,000, 7,500, 10,000, 15,000, 20,000, 30,000 lbs.

Product Pricing

Part No.CapacityDescriptionPriceQty.
DTB-2K2,000 lbMiniature Canister Load Cell$455.00

DTB-3K3,000 lbMiniature Canister Load Cell$455.00

DTB-5K5,000 lbMiniature Canister Load Cell$455.00

DTB-7.5K7,500 lbMiniature Canister Load Cell$482.00

DTB-10K10,000 lbMiniature Canister Load Cell$482.00

DTB-15K15,000 lbMiniature Canister Load Cell$589.00

DTB-20K20,000 lbMiniature Canister Load Cell$589.00

DTB-30K30,000 lbMiniature Canister Load Cell$589.00



2 mV/V Nominal
±0.25% FS
±0.25% FS
±0.1% FS
Thermal Sensitivity Shift:
0.005% of Reading/°F
Thermal Zero Shift:
0.01% FS/°F
Comp. Temp. Range*
+60°F to +160°F
Operating Temp. Range:
-65°F to +200°F
Bridge Resistance:
350 Ohms Nominal
Recommended Excitation:
F.S. Deflection:
Safe Overload:
Cable Length:
10 ft.
Casing Material:
17-4 PH Stainless Steel



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