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Model RELC-T: Rod-End Load Cell

Rod-End Load Cell

Load Cell Central's RELC-T Rod-End load cell is a versatile unit designed for use in either tension or compression. It has a high capacity vs. size design and built to attach directly to hydraulic cylinders.

See the brochure for specifications.



5K, 10K, 15K, 20K, 25K lb.





Rod End Load Cell Dimensions


Product Pricing

Part No.CapacityDescriptionPriceQty.
RELC-T-5K5,000 lbRod-End Load Cell$1,195.00

RELC-T-10K10,000 lbRod-End Load Cell$1,195.00

RELC-T-15K15,000 lbRod-End Load Cell$1,195.00

RELC-T-20K20,000 lbRod-End Load Cell$1,195.00

RELC-T-25K25,000 lbRod-End Load Cell$1,195.00

Additional Options
Part No.DescriptionPriceQty.
CA-01-01-005-4Mating Connector with 5' Cable$65.00

CA-01-01-010-4Mating Connector with 10' Cable$75.00

CA-01-01-015-4Mating Connector with 15' Cable$85.00

CA-01-01-020-4Mating Connector with 20' Cable$95.00

CA-01-01-030-4Mating Connector with 30' Cable$115.00

CA-01-01-040-4Mating Connector with 40' Cable$135.00

CA-01-01-050-4Mating Connector with 50' Cable$155.00

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