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Model PSCG: Canister Load Cell - Stainless Steel

Canister Load Cell - Stainless Steel

When it comes to versatility and strength, canister load cells are the answer for a wide variety of industrial and technical weighing applications. Canister type load cell models can be designed for use in compression, tension or universal applications. They range from very light compression force measurements up to 500,000 pounds of force or more.

Models come in miniature dimensions for use in restrictive spaces. They are also exceptional choices for portable applications, and are typically used in a variety of single and multi-weighing capacities. Canister load cells are often constructed with stainless steel exteriors for enhanced durability. They can also be hermetically sealed for outdoor, all-weather use in environments such as truck and track scales, tanks, hoppers and silos.

Hermetically Sealed Canister Load Cell


(lb) 10K, 25K, 50K, 100K, 200K, 300K, 500K


The model PSCG is a hermetically sealed, stainless steel compression type canister load cell. Its linearity, rugged design, and resistance to off-axis loading errors, make it ideal for harsh industrial and outdoor environments such as truck and track scales, tanks, hoppers, and silos. Bolt-in-place mounting assemblies -- both custom and off-the-shelf -- are available from LOAD CELL CENTRAL.

interchangeable with Revere Transducers RTI CSP


PSCG Output: 2.00mV/V

Total Error:
0.05% FS
Creep 30 minutes:
Input Resistance:
450 Ohms ± 5
Output Resistance:
480 Ohms ± 5
Compensated Temp. Range:
-10 - 40°C


Complete Inventory and Custom Canister Load Cell Capabilities

Load Cell Central manufactures and sells a complete line of new industrial canister load cell models to meet the diverse requirements of your applications. We also have the unique ability to design a completely custom canister load cell solution based on your needs. We have the expertise to quickly assess your special application and guide you through the process from start to finish with exceptional quality and ongoing customer support.

Learn More About Load Cell Central

Since 1985, Load Cell Central has provided innovation and excellence in load cell manufacturing, custom weighing system integration and product repairs. Our engineering and manufacturing capabilities combined with first-rate technical sales provide a superior customer experience. We’re able to achieve faster, more effective results while reducing costs and overhead.

Not only will we meet your special requirements in canister load cells, but we also provide comprehensive services and support. You’ll benefit from:

  • Load rell repairs: We offer no-charge in-house pricing, fast turnaround and after-service support. Our expert technicians are experienced working with almost every type, model and capacity of canister load cell.
  • Load cell calibration: We utilize cutting-edge modern instruments and highly-trained technicians to properly calibrate load cells to regulatory compliance. Our calibration services will ensure your canister load cell is functioning properly to avoid costly breakdowns.
  • Load cell gaging: Many applications call for strain gages to be applied directly to existing load cell equipment. We use your exact specifications to supply a custom solution that allows you to accurately monitor and provide feedback control during use.

Contact Load Cell Central for more information on our custom capabilities and complete service offerings. Ask for a quote on a new canister load cell today!

Product Pricing

Part No.CapacityDescriptionPriceQty.
PSCG-10K10,000 lbCanister Load Cell$985.00

PSCG-25K25,000 lbCanister Load Cell$985.00

PSCG-50K50,000 lbCanister Load Cell$985.00

PSCG-100K100,000 lbCanister Load Cell$1,300.00

PSCG-200K200,000 lbCanister Load Cell$1,600.00

PSCG-300K300,000 lbCanister Load Cell$1,600.00

PSCG-500K500,000 lbCanister Load Cell$2,750.00

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