CLP Series: Load Pin Load Cell for Cranes & Hoists

Load Pin Load Cell for Cranes & Hoists

Load Cell Central's versatile CLP Series load pin load cells are employed in a wide variety of equipment such as cranes, hoists, and construction machinery.  Each load pin load cell is custom designed to meet your specific application requirements.  We will customize the load cell pin dimensions, capacity, cable entry or connector location, and provide grease fittings as needed.

Common Applications:

  • Crane - Dead End or Equalizer Sheave Pin
  • Crane - Lower or Upper Block Pin
  • Marine - Shackle Pin for Mooring Testing
  • Subsea - Pin for ROV Umbilical Monitoring
  • Animatronics - Hydraulic Cylinder Pin
  • Hoist - Overload Limit 

Combine with one of Load Cell Central's digital indicators or OM Series Signal Conditioners for a complete weighing and data output system.


Ranging from 1,000 - 1,000,000 lb


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  • Cable Length
  • 0-10V or 4-20mA output
  • RS232, RS485, Modbus output
  • Telemetry system for wireless load cell operation

Load Pin Load Cell Examples


Load cell pin / load pin for cranes, mooring tests, force measurement
Shackle load cell pin

load pin

telemetry pin load pin load cell
Wireless shackle load cells Crane lower block load cell pin  Wireless lower block load cell pin and wireless transmitter Idler sheave load pin


Load Cell Central has been building load pin load cells since 1985. Our knowledge gained over the years enables us to manufacture load pins for nearly any application.  

One of the most common load pin applications is to replace either the dead-end of the wire rope or the equalizer sheave pin with a load pin load cell which is then paired with our IPE50 load cell controller. The IPE50 offers 2 relay outputs to sound an alarm or shut down the lifting operation to prevent overloading the crane. The IPE50 has a serial output to send data to a large scoreboard display with available 1" to 6" high digits, remote-mounted for easy viewing of the weight readings from up to 200' away.

When you order a custom load pin from Load Cell Central you'll get the exact mission-critical sensor you need, built to your specifications. Load Cell Central has built load pins for applications ranging from rocket engine thrust testing to large bridge crane hoist safety overload systems. 

There are no reviews yet for this product. Write a Review

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