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DTC: DTC Miniature Load Cell

DTC Miniature Load Cell

Our model DTC is a high capacity, miniature, compression load cell.  Its low profile and compact size make it ideal for limited space or portable applications.  The loading surface of these load cells is slightly convex for accurate load distribution.

See the brochure for specifications.


(lb) 50,000, 100,000, 200,000, 300,000, 400,000




Product Pricing

Part No.CapacityDescriptionPriceQty.
DTC-50K50,000 lbMiniature Canister Load Cell$830.00

DTC-100K100,000 lbMiniature Canister Load Cell$938.00

DTC-200K200,000 lbMiniature Canister Load Cell$1,554.00

DTC-300K300,000 lbMiniature Canister Load Cell$1,768.00

DTC-400K400,000 lbMiniature Canister Load Cell$1,982.00

Additional Options
Part No.DescriptionPriceQty.
CA-02-03-006-66' Load Cell Cable Assembly, 6-Conductor$64.00

CA-02-03-012-612' Load Cell Cable Assembly, 6-Conductor$75.00

CA-02-03-020-620' Load Cell Cable Assembly, 6-Conductor$91.00

CA-02-03-050-650' Load Cell Cable Assembly, 6-Conductor$214.00

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