Z-Type Load Cells

Z-type load cells are a widely used and economical load cell for low to mid-capacity weighing. Our Z load cells come in various shapes and sizes including miniature and submersible. Z-type load cells are available in aluminum, alloy steel, and stainless steel and can be hermetically sealed for use in any environment. 

Force measured: Tension and Compression
Capacity: up to 20,000 lb


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Versatile alloy steel s-type load cell. Low to medium capacity.


Hermetically sealed, stainless steel, submersible s-type load cell.


Hermetically sealed, stainless steel, s-type load cell.


Miniature s-type load cell.


S-type load cell.

Our Z-type load cells can be used in both tension and compression applications when combined with our electronics.

The placement of strain gauges enables z-type load cells to be used in both tension and compression force. This ability makes them extremely versatile. Some more common applications include:

  • Hanging scales
  • Hopper scales
  • Materials testing
  • Crane/hoist scales
  • Industrial control/ feedback
  • Food and drink manufacturing
  • Tank weighing
  • Mechanical overload protection
  • Structural integrity testing

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