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Custom Scales

When a standard scale won't fill the bill, Load Cell Central will work with you to design and build the ideal scale for the application.

Custom Scales by Load Cell Central

Custom Portable Platform Scale

Custom-made battery-operated portable platform scale employs pneumatic tires for easy maneuvering outdoors or on rough floors.

Load Beams by Load Cell Central

The adaptable LBSC load beam scale is ideal for a wide range of scale applications: Conveyor scales, portable scales, livestock scales, or any application requiring a compact and lightweight scale system. The load cells are sealed to IP66. The beams are galvanized steel and interconnected by 8’ of rodent-proof cable, making this industrial scale suitable for use outdoors. A 10’ cable interfaces to a digital display.

This portable scale design has provided quick and economical solutions for a multitude of difficult weighing challenges, and saving engineering and fabrication time.

Custom Scales by Load Cell Central

For a 40 ton capacity crane scale, this custom load cell replaces the bottom block's sheave pin. The load cell communicates wirelessly to the operator's station where easy-to-use software allows recording of weight, time & date, and a lot number code.

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