Precise Industrial Weighing with Load Cells

Load cells from Load Cell Central are the most adaptive and economical devices available for industrial weighing applications. Using strain gauge technology, load cells are the most accurate, most reliable and fastest method for industrial weighing and for monitoring strain placed on structural supports. In addition to high capacity applications, load cells are increasingly used for weighing and sorting smaller items, such as pharmaceutical products or food portions.

Load cell technician inspecting weighing measurements

Strain gauge load cells are attached to support beams, industrial scale platforms, engine components and more in order to measure the amount of force being applied to a specific area. As force is exerted on the area where the load cell is mounted, the load cell is deformed to a small extent, which can be measured. Strain gauge load cells typically contain at least four gauges to increase sensitivity, and special circuitry for temperature compensation. 

As the load cell is deformed, the strain gauges convert the mechanical energy into an electrical signal which is then transmitted to a computer or recording device. This data can convey a wealth of information for batching, process control, material consumption control, and a host of other uses. 

The Load Cell Advantage

Load cells are quickly becoming the preferred weighing mechanism in many industrial settings due to the accuracy and speed with which they return data. 

Load Cell Central works with customers to find the type and capacity of load cell ideal for their specifications and requirements. Whether the application calls for low capacity load cells or submersible high capacity load cells, the solution can almost certainly be found in Load Cell Central’s selection of products. Our custom design program allows us to produce load cells that meet unique requirements. We will create load cell systems specifically for you.  

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